My Process


Creativity and authenticity are important to me as an illustrator. I like to start working from an analogue starting point, back to basics with pen and ink.

I use all sorts of materials but love working with brush and ink, watercolour, felt tip, acrylic, gouache and simple old fine liner pen on paper.

My process involves using hand drawn line work in my sketches that allows the finished illustration to retain a fresh look, whilst being digitally sound and scaleable. Often I see digital illustrations looking too clean, removing the human element from them.  I prefer to work bridging that space.

I colour a lot of the work digitally but will often hand paint colour elements too, building up the work in layers.

I scan, edit and finish work passing my sketch between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to colour, edit, tweak and adjust until I am happy with it.

Eden Mill Gin

POS and Display

I absolutely loved working this job for Eden Mills Gin, a craft gin distiller based in Scotland. They were looking for a floral illustration of their classic gin bottle to apply as window vinyl and use in general marketing.

Working with a brush pen and ink I illustrated clusters of botanicals based on their ingredients; hibiscus, juniper and blackberries, to wrap and flourish around the bottle.

Beldevere Vodka


This brief was to create an illustration for a mobile bar unit for Beldevere Vodka to be used at multiple events.

They were looking for a fresh and bright looking bar unit with trailing greenery and an industrial stainless steel finish. The bar description, materials and brand ID was submitted by the client, the illustration was used to show what they could build for Beldevere.

Pen line drawing + digital colouring.